4 X Sky Cloud Ceiling LED Panel Lights 600 x 600 with Driver

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Wattage: 40W
Dimensions(mm): 595 x 595 x 12mm
Luminous Flux: 2400Lm
Beam Angle: 120D
Includes LED Driver

4 x LED Panels with sky image ( Complete Pack )

Our NEW & innovative Sky Cloud Ceiling LED Panel Lights provide you with a crystal-clear image in an ultra-thin LED panel light. The product is a visually attractive alternative to the usual dull white ceiling tiles we find in commercial buildings or office interiors.

Some of the benefits of choosing our Sky Cloud Ceiling LED Panel Lights include:

• An improved mood from use of light that mimics natural light.
• Alleviation of anxiety and stress due to the sense of outdoors.
• Catching the attention of visitors with a unique design feature.
• Creating a sense of outdoors in your home

By simulating daylight with these LED panels and using realistic, high-resolution pictures, you will feel as if you are outside under a blue sky. The colour hue of the LED panels matches with that of real daylight to give the impression of looking through a window.

Our panels are made for 600 x 600 suspended ceiling installation and we provide a ‘Plug and Play’ solution for the light.

If you don't have a suspended ceiling you can still enjoy the effect of our panels by using one of the following mounting options:

• Cable Suspension kits – for ceiling mounting with a contemporary look
• Z brackets – ideal for wall mounting
• Surface mount LED panel frame - useful for mounting on concrete or plasterboard ceilings/walls

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