The true benefits of using LED lights over traditional lighting systems are still not known by everyone.

Therefore, we have put together a list of the benefits of changing your existing lighting to LED. With so much resource on the web we thought we would cut straight to the chase with LED Saving Specialists essential guide!

1. LED lamps & bulbs, LED high bay lights, LED panel lights, LED batten lights, LED IP65 batten lights, LED floodlights and LED downlights all require less power to be run over their traditional counterparts. In some cases, energy savings can be as high as 75%. This results in less power usage equals more energy and cost savings through electricity usage.

In short, switching to LED saves you money!

2. LED lights typically last a very long time with usage ranging from 25, 000 hours to 50, 000 hours. This is achieved from the very low heat temperatures that LED produces. Less heat means more longevity and overheating which causes traditional bulbs and lights to blow.

The result of this means that typically your LED lights can last more than 10+ years

3. LED lights are far safer to use for you and the environment! Unlike traditional lights, LED’s do not contain harmful mercury vapours thus helping the carbon footprint and disposal being far less threatening to the environment.

4. Have you ever experienced flickering bulbs and slow start sodium lights? This issue has been eliminated with the use of LED lights as they are flicker FREE and have an instant start up time. This eliminates potential headaches and fatigue caused from traditional lights.

5. LED Lights come in a choice of colour temperatures otherwise known as ‘kelvins’. This colour rendering index includes ( Warm white 3000k – Natural White 4000k – Day white 5000k - Cool White 6000k ). These colour temperatures can be chosen to tailor specific ambient light levels to suit the human eye, eliminating eye strain and premature aging, both problematic of fluorescent illumination.

It has been proven that by providing a better light source can improve work productivity in offices, warehouse and retail. It has also shown that better concentration levels can be achieved in schools with pupil’s attention in class being much higher!

6. LED lights now come in thousands of colour options with the introduction of RGB LED lights. This is great for stage and event lighting.

7. LED lights are silent! There is no humming noise created from LED lights. This is because traditional lights may have a transformer or ballast within the fitting which creates such noises. With LED this is eliminated.

8. LED lights need extremely low or even zero maintenance once installed. This is especially noticed with LED Saving Specialists range of LED high bay lights. Once installed within a warehouse, factory or sports halls they can be left without the need for cherry pickers or access equipment to change blown bulbs that occur with traditional Metal halide and SON bulbs.

This is a maintenance and facility managers ideal situation!

Considering all the above points it is easy to see why more business & home owners are making the change to LED lighting.

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