LED Lighting Installation

There are so many advantages to LED lighting that it is not surprising we are installing LED lighting systems into warehouses, offices & schools across the country. We realise that some customers want to buy our LED lighting products and would like us to arrange installation too.

Our experienced team can install your LED purchase with the minimum of fuss and interruption to your business. Out of hours installation is also an option for customers needing no disruption. Mornings, evenings, weekends? Just ask!

Our specialist installers have the tools & equipment – including cherry pickers – necessary to access high roofs, walls & mezzanines.

We can also provide a WEE certificate by disposing of all your old light fittings for you to get the necessary award for ISO accreditation.


• Initial contact
• Lighting design if required
• Presentation of project analysis and recommendations
• Customer order of lighting products
• Lighting installation (if required)
• Watch your savings grow!

Should you wish to discuss this further or require anymore information please contact our expert team on 01704 265239 and we will be glad to assist.