LED Warehouse & Factory Lighting Installation

Are you a business owner or facilities manager with a warehouse, factory or logistics & distribution centre looking to reduce your electricity lighting costs whilst improving your lighting levels?

We offer 2 solutions:

1. Purchase our LED lights and install yourself.

2. Purchase our LED lights and have our installation team install this for you.

Our experienced team can install your LED purchase with the minimum of fuss and interruption to your business. Out of hours installation is also an option for customers needing no disruption. Mornings, evenings, weekends? Just ask!

We supply & install LED lighting across the UK.

It is no surprise that thousands of businesses throughout the country are upgrading their current lighting systems to LED lighting. The advantages are enormous with the main factor being more energy efficient which reduces electricity costs thus improving any financial bottom line.

Warehouse LED lighting Installation
The UK has seen a huge shift and movement in warehouses, factories, logistics and distribution centres making the change to upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting. The upgrade of LED lighting from traditional metal halide and SON bulbs can reduce electricity costs by as much as 75% whilst still improving lighting levels for a better working environment.

Advantages of warehouse LED lighting:

• Extensive LED lamp life – Minimal maintenance required
• Reduced electricity usage – Payback period can be as little as 12 months
• Low heat dissipation – Long life due to not overheating and blowing
• Simple installation - Minimal disruption to business
• IP65 protection – Ideal for use in dusty and damp areas
• Sensor controlled – Great for use in areas where lighting use is minimal
• Improved quality of light – Ideal for packing & forklift operatives
• Low carbon footprint – Reduce your energy use by up to 75%
• Minimal electricity usage – Save thousands on your lighting bills!

Where to install LED lighting in a warehouse
Led lighting within a warehouse or logistics centre can be used anywhere. It is extremely beneficial down racking aisles, over production & packaging areas. Due to the different IP ratings on LED lights some can be used in dusty, damp or even -30° degree refrigeration units.

LED lighting is ideal for:

• Warehouses & storage facilities
• Large logistic & distribution hubs
• Production & packing lines
• Forklift areas & truck docking bays
• Offices & storage rooms
• Canteens & kitchens
• Stairs & corridors

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Alternatively please visit our dedicated LED installation website