Upgrade your school lighting to LED 

LED School Lighting Benefits

Government funding now available for schools - We can supply & install your school LED lights

Lighting accounts for about 50% of any school's electricity bill, so it's no surprise that more schools in the UK are opting for investing in LED lighting. This figure is going to increase year on year with most schools now seeing the immediate benefits of switching their school to LED lighting.

LED is one of the fastest ways to cut down on electrical consumption, compensate the rise in energy prices and reduce CO2 emissions - carbon footprint. Furthermore, changing your school's lighting to an LED model can reduce your lighting bill by up to 80%.

Here at LED Saving Specialist we can offer a full turnkey solution to help schools with a full school LED lighting site survey, funding applications, school LED lighting designs & school LED lighting installation.

Energy-efficient LED lighting not only can make significant savings in any school costs but can also improve the learning environment leading to improved student performance. The quality of light affects people in many ways and better lighting has been proven to improve concentration levels.

Proven LED energy savings in schools & colleges
LED high bay lights, LED panel lights, LED batten lights, LED IP65 batten lights & LED floodlights lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional lighting, eliminating the cost of electricians or onsite maintenance called in to replace fluorescent and sodium lights that are usually at height within a sports hall, corridor or classroom that require expensive access equipment.

LED lighting grants for schools
If you are considering upgrading your school to LED Lighting, then there are a few options for grant funding or interest free loans depending on what type of school you are.

If you would like more information on how to change & upgrade your school lighting to our latest LED lighting products please contact our school lighting experts on 01704 265239 or alternatively email us on