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Schools and colleges in England will be allocated a share of £500 million to spend on energy efficiency upgrades, helping to save on bills during the winter months and manage energy consumption.
This will not only help them save money, but it will make them more energy efficient during the cold period and increase winter resilience for future years.
Estimations show that on average, a primary school will receive approximately £16,000, a secondary school will get £42,000 and a further education college group will benefit from £290,000.  Improvements could include switching & installing better energy efficient lighting.
LED School Lighting Benefits
Lighting accounts for about 50% of any school's electricity bill, so it's no surprise that more schools in the UK are opting for investing in LED lighting.

LED is one of the fastest ways to cut down in electrical consumption, compensate the rise in energy prices and reduce CO2 emissions - carbon footprint. Furthermore, changing your school's lighting to an LED model can reduce your lighting bill by up to 80%.

Energy-efficient LED lighting not only can make significant savings in any school costs, but can also improve the learning environment leading to improved student performance. The quality of light affects people in many different ways and better lighting has been proven to improve concentration levels.

Eco Friendly & Increased Work Productivity

LED Saving Specialist have a proven track record in supplying LED lighting into schools throughout the UK. If you would like to know more please contact our experts.